About me...

Where oh where to start? Well, if I had to say it was about 2003 that I first discovered the magic of photography. I was living in Charlotte, NC at the time and the Mint Museum was putting on a exhibition of prints by Ansel Adams. I had only recently been intrigued by the magic of photography but when I saw some of his most famous works in person I was in complete awe. I just could not get over the depth, clarity, and tones of his prints. I left that exhibition completely enamored with not only Adams, but photography in general.  The next logical step, of course, was to acquire a camera.


My father had been an avid photographer in his youth and as a volunteer firefighter would often document the blazing infernos he and Hibernia Fire Company No. I would combat up in rural New Jersey. He eventually formed a graphic design company and the photography fell a bit by the wayside, but luckily he had kept his gear. I was gifted an old Ricoh SLR (I don't even recall the model) and a basic 50mm lens. Although the both the camera and lens were both in serious need of some TLC I was never happier than when I'd load up a roll of film and explore the world around me.

Fast forward a few years the rigors of academia had forced my photography to take a backseat. I had pretty much all but moved on from making pictures when the father of a friend heard it was a hobby of mine. He was gracious enough to gift me a Pentax K1000 with enough lenses and other various accessories to completely re-ignite my photographic interests. Unfortunately since I was not an arts major at my university they would not let me use their darkroom to process film. Instead of letting photography fade into the background again I purchased a digital camera and fully embraced the world of digital photography.

The timing could not have been better as later that year I studied abroad in Spain and took that camera with me just about everywhere I went. It was during my semester abroad that I would say photography went from being a hobby to one of my greatest passions.

In Europe everything was new, unfamiliar, and infinitely photogenic. I came back from that semester with a plethora of photographs and was completely in love with photography as an artistic medium. From there I was lucky enough to be offered a solo exhibition of my favorite images from my semester abroad and subsequently had some of my work published both locally and internationally. During the remainder of college and leading into graduate school I went so far as to begin selling prints, shooting portraits, engagements, and even a couple weddings. And then everything stopped.

I graduated with my doctorate in physical therapy in 2012 and shifted my focus (no pun intended) to my professional career. As satisfied as I was as a physical therapist I still very much missed having photography in my life. It was with great excitement in the spring of 2015 that I dusted off my gear and re-immersed myself into the world of making photographs, and I'm quite excited to see where I can take my craft from here.